Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products Treated for exterior use ?


-Yes . All of our exterior products are treated to H3 standard using L.O.S.P (light organic solvent preservative)


Do you have more designs/patterns other than the ones that appear on your website ?


-Yes . We have hundreds of patterns and we are always aquiring more as we custom make new patterns continually .


Can you replicate a feature that exists on my house ?


-Yes we can . We are often required to take patterns of details , work from photographs of details and work from architectural plans of existing decorative features .


Can you make products using exotic/native timbers ?


-Yes , we are often asked to make fretwork out of native timbers or exotic for customers who want a natural timber finish . We can also manufacture gates out of cedar for those who would like to stain their gates or paint them a dark colour .