Ceiling Roses

Rose A

240mm dia $30.00+gst






Rose B (3 piece)

Shown with turned outer ring and internal "snowflake"


  • Rose B 460mm dia $85.00+gst
  • Turned Outer Ring 600mm dia $85.00+gst
  • Snowflake $25.00 +gst



Rose C

  • Uncarved 460mm dia $85.00 +gst
  • Carved 460mm dia $130.00 +gst




Rose D

$80.00 +gst Same design as rose c only without the central ring of holes to facilitate mounting light fitting into



Rose E

305mm sq $45.00 +gst






Rose F

300mm dia $55.00+gst






Rose G

300mm sq $55.00 +gst






Rose H


  • 300mm sq (fine pattern) $80.00 +gst
  • 400mm sq $90 +gst
  • 455mm sq $100.00 +gst



Rose I

300mm sq $55.00 +gst







Rose J

300mm sq $55.00 +gst






Rose K

520mm dia $80.00 +gst






Rose L

450mm sq $100.00 +gst






Rose M

300mm sq $55.00 +gst






Rose N

370 sq $90.00 +gst






Rose O

460mm dia $90.00 +gst






Rose P

452mm sq $75.00 +gst






Rose Q

543mm dia $130.00 +gst






Turned Outer Ring

600mm dia $90.00 +gst
Suitable for use with roses B,C,D and O